Titan Trailer Mfg. has excelled to the highest level in painting facilities. Our wash cycle involves a degreasing detergent, followed by a phosphate rinse, then baked dry so set the  stage  for  priming. After  priming, the trailer is  shot with a high  solids urethane topcoat. Trailers are  then returned to the  infrared bake oven  for a complete  cure of finish. Titan  uses the  Pro-Mix  paint system. The  Pro-Mix  electronic  flow metering provides  precise,  continuous  on-line ratio  monitoring. Our  down-draft  booth  and electronic mixing gives every Titan Trailer a superior quality finish.

Titan Trailer invested in the best bake oven on the market. The infrared bake oven can reach 160  Degrees Fahrenheit and insure  a full paint  cure in 20  minutes. Airborne contaminants are often present in traditional curing systems due to large volumes of air needed  to feed the  process. Infrared  bake ovens  don’t require this volume of air. Infrared bake ovens will give you a higher gloss, longer lasting and harder finishes on Titan Trailers.

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What is a galvannealed product and how is it produced ?

A galvannealed sheet is carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides by the continuous hot dip process. Immediately as the strip exits the coating bath, the zinc coating is subjected to an in-line heat treatment that converts the entire coating to a zinc-iron alloy. Conversion to the alloy results in a non-spangled matte finish which makes the sheet suitable for painting as shipped, if not chemically treated or oiled. The zinc-iron alloy coated surface enhances welding. The coating is harder than regular galvanized coating and is more resistant to scratching and manufacturing damage. After painting with properly selected primers and paints, the combined paint / galvannealed coating offers excellent resistance to peeling and/or blistering of the paint, compared with conventional galvanized sheet. .