When we attend a trade show or horse show with a step up trailer we get many enquiries from people asking how we get our horses into a step up.

The answer is simple.  The same way we get horses into a trailer with ramp.

In the USA the majority of horse trailers don’t have ramps and I remember a very famous natural horseman telling nearly 20 years ago that most of the loading problems people face with their horses are caused by ramps.  I probably looked at him a bit vague back then because I had no idea what he was talking about.  We are a ramp orientated country and I had never seen a step up trailer.

We, here at USA Horse Floats Australia decided to have step ups as our own trailers.  We like many things about the step up.  We don’t have any problems getting the horses to load and find that they load, in many instances, easier than a ramp. In fact, a horse we have here who was a problem loader actually loads easily in the step up trailer as he had a hang up about ramps.

People often comment on the height of the step up but forget a horse has got longer legs than us.  If we can step easily into the trailer then a horse will have no problems.

We also like the ease of operation. When us girls are on our own there are no more ramps to lift.  Simply tie up your horse, close the divider, and shut the doors.  Or in the case of the stock trailer, tie up the horse and close the gate!

It works for us but it might not work for everyone. We are all different and if you are uncomfortable with the thought of a step up, go for a trailer with a ramp.  We are happy to supply either.

The photo’s below demonstrate Jamie’s cutting horse “Doc’s Sweet Dusty” stepping up into our stock trailer.